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Convergence: Streamline companies.

26th July 2015
One of the problems of having three companies going at the same times is trying to work out which one to promote. Common sense would indicate that it would be better to streamline everything into one portal. So this is what we are doing with Gullion Media Limited, Kingsnorth Films Ltd and Youtree.tv Ltd.The strongest of the three companies is Gullion Media Limited as we have several book published through the company, a feature documentary and a range of other projects on the go.

Youtree.tv Ltd was set up to develop media based on-line courses, but both Michael and I have discussed this can be just as easily promoted as a further publication via Gullion Media Limited.

Kingsnorth Films Ltd was the vehicle used to develop the feature film Fiddler’s Walk (2006) which will soon be broadcast on Irish.TV via Sky to the whole of the UK and Ireland. Again, many of the activities associated with the film-making side of Kingsnorth Films Ltd can also be replicated as part of Gullion Media Limited.

From the 1st September 2015 we hope to re-launch Gullion Media Limited as the reformed organisation converging the current companies of Gullion Media Limited, Kingsnorth Films Ltd and Youtree.tv Ltd into a single entity.

New course exceeds 1000 mark in 3 days.

14th October 2014
E-mails flooded in. Our attempts to welcome each new student was overwhelmed. Last Friday evening there were just 61 students enrolled. By 9.30am Saturday morning we were at 334. When I was told, I screamed down the phone “Are you kidding me? How did that happen?” My wife rushed in thinking something awful had happened and I had to calm her down. Shortly before midnight we were standing at 455. Just after 9am Sunday morning things had slowed down and we were seeing 488 on the Udemy site. By 10.55pm the figures were at 532. Monday morning around 9.30am the computers went on and barely a trickle had happened overnight with just 538 on the board. We made some assumptions that it must have been the weekend, that when folk were home to relax after work they had enthusiasm for hobby, then commitments for family kicked in by Sunday (or lazy day) and by Monday everyone was thinking of work?

But we were wrong. Australia kicked in at about 10pm their time and there was a rally until 1pm. By 11.40am British Summertime we were up to 676. It seemed like we were getting multiple hits per minute. By midday we were at 722. At 1.30pm it was 829. 900 was reached a 2.18pm. Things began to slow down again so we reach 950 by 4.20pm. Would we reach 1000 by the end of play?

Two hours later we reach 975 and the final 25 took a further three hour to be reached. At 9.04pm we hit the 1000 mark. The we noticed it was continuing on. The Udemy site was taking time to catch up and we hit 1005 before the ‘Redeem Coupon Code’ expired.

Now we have a new coupon providing 79% discount on Module 1. Click here to take advantage on this great saving which is for 2000 enrollments and expires on the 5th November 2014 (or until the numbers run out).

New course from youtree.tv

6th October 2014
Check out detail about the new course youtree.tv ltd has launched on Udemy.com. This is the first of seven modules on Digital Film Making aimed a students starting their journey into video production, such as those working on a Level 3 course in the UK or enthusiasts wanting to get the most out of their new camera and editing systems. This first module is about developing ideas, creating scripts, drawing a storyboard and producing a pre-visualised animatic.

[Since this was post the FREE coupon has sold out. See above for more detail on the NEW coupon.]

Indiegogo Campaign Day 2

20th June 2014
Here is the video blog for day 2. Indiegogo Campaign 19th June to 3rd August 2014.

Indiegogo Campaign Begins

19th June 2014
See the first video blog for the new Indiegogo Campaign. Check out the right hand side bar for more information.

My new showreel

25th April 2014

As part of my prmotion to do freelance directing, I put together this short video. Tell me what you think?


Promoting Rowan Hand’s new book

10th April 2014

A busy week saw Rowan and I produce this short promotional video to help raise awareness of his up-and-coming book ‘Caritas et Amor’. Tell us what you think of the video and sign up for subscribe to newsletters from Gullion Media Limited.


Video Tutorials

4th April 2014

This is a sample to the video course currently in development. We hope to have a funding campaign going fairly soon and then to launch the course on Udemy.com towards the end of April or early May.

Lecture 6 – Think about telling a story. This video looks at how stories are developed from the simple Three Act Play through to John Truby’s ideas on story structure.

In the comment box below, tell us what you think of the tutorial. Also, let us know what you would like to learn about video production to helps up create more courses.


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