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Indiegogo Campaign Day 2

20th June 2014
Here is the video blog for day 2. Indiegogo Campaign 19th June to 3rd August 2014.

Indiegogo Campaign Begins

19th June 2014
See the first video blog for the new Indiegogo Campaign. Check out the right hand side bar for more information.

My new showreel

25th April 2014

As part of my prmotion to do freelance directing, I put together this short video. Tell me what you think?


Promoting Rowan Hand’s new book

10th April 2014

A busy week saw Rowan and I produce this short promotional video to help raise awareness of his up-and-coming book ‘Caritas et Amor’. Tell us what you think of the video and sign up for subscribe to newsletters from Gullion Media Limited.


Video Tutorials

4th April 2014

This is a sample to the video course currently in development. We hope to have a funding campaign going fairly soon and then to launch the course on Udemy.com towards the end of April or early May.

Lecture 6 – Think about telling a story. This video looks at how stories are developed from the simple Three Act Play through to John Truby’s ideas on story structure.

In the comment box below, tell us what you think of the tutorial. Also, let us know what you would like to learn about video production to helps up create more courses.


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